The Real Scoop (Email Me For the Password, But No Guarantees)

Oh for crying out loud. Apparently password protection is useless! Someone emailed to let me know she could see the entire post in Firefox without having an account or the password.

So… if you’d like to know what the post said, I’ll email you the contents. Oops, wait, I can’t. The deleted contents I forgot to save in another document. Sorry about that… I guess I’ll wait until the time is right to write the post for general consumption.

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2 Comments on “The Real Scoop (Email Me For the Password, But No Guarantees)”

  1. Tiffany Says:

    Oh no! What in the world? This seemed like a neat idea, too. Didn’t you have some sort of “priority system” in place for your entries at one point? When issues of “dates” were in the air?

  2. leah Says:

    oh man, that’s frustrating. weird too, cause i use firefox and couldn’t see the post!