Art Every Day Month – Day 30


art everyday  month 06 - day 30 - most bounteous

“Most Bounteous” / 5 x 7″ canvas board with acrylic paint, embellishments, cloth and paper collage

This collage features an antique postcard that someone gave me. The buttons are from my mother’s collection that I “inherited” when I ask for art supplies. I really like the result!

Well, I did it. I made art for 30 days in a row. Not only that, I managed to make a piece for each day. I rule! (Though because I’m not working and have the luxury of time, I ding myself one point when compared to all the other participants who work and made art as well.)

I enjoyed this very much; I allowed myself to try different techniques and media. At the same time, I can tell you it’s good there is an end-time to this project. It was starting to feel a bit like “work” around the edges. I’ll continue to make art, of course! I simply won’t have to summon something every day. Besides, I want to knit more, and those are works in progress.

One more tidbit. I had my FSH/estradiol/prolactin test re-done, and the specialist called (well, the nurse did). The results were normal! This is very heartening. It means we have a chance of using my own eggs. There are a couple other tests we need to have done, but because we are getting the runaround with our HMO, we’ll get them done in January with our new insurance. This also gives me time to continue losing some weight to meet the BMI criteria.

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6 Comments on “Art Every Day Month – Day 30”

  1. gerry rosser Says:

    That’s a really beautiful piece! I admire your art-every-day tenacity. I’m satisfied just to get out of bed every day! Well, I try to do more than that.

    Will you let me know if my feed is working or still dead?

  2. kat Says:

    very happy about your test results! woohoo!!

    and thank you for the time and energy you put into aem. felt like i was doing it with an old pal and i always look forward to seeing what you would come up with every day!

    *much love*

  3. la peregrina Says:

    And art-every-day ends on a high note. Great news. 🙂

  4. endment Says:

    So you have finished a month – I hope you continue to do art nearly every day – Love what you have been doing — Thanks for all the inspiration

    Good news from the doctor –

  5. mechaieh Says:

    Beautiful. Love the textures here.

  6. melba Says:

    Hooray for you! I love this piece of art and all the pieces of your life you put into it!