Better Day

I had a better day today. Since I was tired and cold last night, I went to bed at 8:00 p.m. and slept for 12 hours. When I woke up at 8:00 this morning, I ate my cereal and scooted over to the gym, where I exercised on the treadmill for 40 minutes. Upon returning home, I listened to my “motivation to move” CD (it really does help!), stretched, and showered. I brewed coffee and by 11 a.m. I was all dressed up, ready for the day.

The afternoon involved answering queued emails, tying up some loose end errands that have nagged for awhile, mailing a package, and doing my knitting homework. Yes, homework! I signed up for a class on Saturday that will teach me how to fix errors such as slipped, dropped, or twisted stitches and other irritants. To prepare I had to knit three swatches, which I did while sipping an Americano at Barefoot Coffee Roasters.

On the way home I got some groceries and firewood. A friend from Austin is in town on business and we’d planned to go to dinner. But I was in the mood to cook, so I called him and asked if he was okay with that. He basically said in so many words, “How could I turn down a home cooked meal?” I made butternut squash with toasted pecans and a broccoli quiche. The trick with quiche, I’ve learned, is to use real cream, or at least half-and-half. It makes a custard that holds up well. It looked so darn good when I took it out of the oven that I took a photo of it. The crust is homemade as well. You shoulda been here! We had a lovely meal and visit.

broccoli quiche
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6 Comments on “Better Day”

  1. Fran aka Redondowriter Says:

    Yum. Can you send the quiche recipe?

  2. gerry rosser Says:

    Looks tasty bueno. I admit it, I eat quiche.

  3. tammy vitale Says:

    Not fair to leave a picture like this laying around to be seen by me before I have had any breakfast. Now I’m absolutely starving and you can bet nothing that is going to show up in my kitchen looks like this!

  4. connie Says:

    Hey – that quiche could have been your artwork for the day! Homemade pie crust IS an art!!
    hugs from PA

  5. Kathryn Says:

    Thank you all for admiring my kitchen art. I posted the recipe at Knit Together, my domestic arts/knitting blog. The exact post is here.

  6. patry Says:

    Going to check the recipe now!