Best Intentions

I’m suffering an attack of laziness. My plan from Monday-Friday is to get up, eat breakfast, and hie myself to the gym for a workout. It worked wonderfully last week; I felt lively and had so much of the day in which to do things. I’ve also tried to be mindful about what I eat, and that went well until Thanksgiving. The combination of inactivity and unconscious eating over the weekend, combined with several nights when I made art into the wee hours, has thrown me. Yesterday I was in my sweats much of the day. Zero exercise. Not enough veggies and fruit. Oh, I made art and tutored my student and facilitated a book discussion, but I didn’t exercise and very much missed it. It’s not that I’m castigating myself for breaking my routine. It’s that I feel less than wonderful because I haven’t moved much; this unwell feeling magnifies and grips more tightly.

This morning is a little better. While I didn’t get going straightaway, I did take a brisk walk. Now I need to think about a healthy lunch and move on.

I blame my cats. They are creatures of indulgence and a bad influence!

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7 Comments on “Best Intentions”

  1. David Says:

    Cats are utterly blameless. They breath in and breath out with perfection. We would benefit from spending more time contemplating our ineffable name as they do so if you were not pondering your ineffable name then you were truly indolent but only because you failed to model them properly.

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Hmm. Guess I need to take a look again at their technique. 🙂

    Though I do wonder… they spend a lot of time sleeping. Is it possible to ponder one’s ineffable name when one is unconscious?

  3. David Says:

    I suppose it depends on the depth of your practice and how ineffable the name is.

    I see where your cats plot mayhem, it probably has to do with that name as well.

    I check in on your Blog once or twice a week and really enjoy what you do and your point of view. I admire your Vim, Vigor and Vitality. I also think you have a very good eye reflected by the posted pictures and your flikr catelog.


  4. Sarah Says:

    If you are a cat, certainly it is the only way to ponder one’s ineffable name!

  5. Fran aka Redondowriter Says:

    Yes, it must be the cats, Kathryn, though I don’t have any cats so it must be Cookie’s fault. I’m working OA and have been doing really well, but I night-time binged on Thanksgiving night, and again two nights ago. I like the 12 step acronym H.A.L.T.–don’t let yourself get too hungry, angry (anxious), lonely, tired. I don’t know about you, I am other oriented and when I have to occupy myself at home, I become lazy, too. I’ve analyzed it endlessly. Here’s hoping you find the answer.

  6. Diana Says:

    I know that I function best when I have a certain routine to follow and my current situation of working two full days per week plus an additional morning (and alternate Saturdays, just to further mix up the pot) leaves me bewildered. I honestly have no idea how to start a good morning routine such as you describe above, one that I can follow every weekday, without getting up at 5. Which… just, ugh. But maybe that’s what I need to do. :/

  7. donna Says:

    I promised myself for my birthday I would lose 30 pounds in the next year.

    So far, I’ve gained three….