*Huff* *Puff*

Whew! Two-thirds of the way through AEM. I’m feeling a bit as though I’m scraping the bottom of my well. Sometimes this is when the surprising stuff comes out. No pressure, no pressure, I want to keep it fun. (Talking to myself here.)

It’s weird… the last few days I feel my efforts have been mediocre. I confess I’ve avoided going to other participants’ blogs or commenting because I’ve been overtaken by a bout of insecurity. There are little voices whispering negative things to me when I look at other people’s art. Your work is not polished. You are not original. You’re unsophisticated. You try to work with too many materials. Yadayadayada. The only way I’ve kept the voices quiet is to avoid looking at others’ work, because I’m on the verge of being in the mood to compare negatively. That’s not good for any of us.

We’ll see what I come up with for Day 20.

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3 Comments on “*Huff* *Puff*”

  1. Robin Says:


    Don’t allow those little niggles. Looking at another’s art work should never be an exercise in comparison. Use that time to study and appreciate their technique, and use them for inspiration, too. Remember this, too: even if you are painting or collaging or drawing exactly the same subject as another, your work is original! While it is nice to think that someone else has more talent than you, that person will undoubtedly tell you that it has taken LOTS of practice. (Part of the value of making art every day!)

    We each choose a medium. I am strictly a watercolorist, and thus far have not strayed from that other than some pencil sketching, usually a prelude to a painting. This is the second AEM that I have viewed your submissions, and I’ve been finding them as refreshing as the first time around. Collage is your primary medium, so it only makes sense that you use many different materials in your work. 🙂

    So take those insecure, negative thoughts and throw them back whence they came from!


  2. Christine Says:

    Well, for what it’s worth, I absolutely love “Camouflage” from Day 18! I should stop lurking so much and sing out the compliments strong and true!

  3. kat Says:

    kathryn, your art is wonderful and i’ve seen you grow so much as an artist over the years.

    i still hear those voices. i think every artist does to some degree. don’t let them stop you, they love to talk trash, but you don’t need to let their negativity stop you. just keep goin’ with it, trust your creativity, it’s beautiful and unique and noone else has what you have to offer!