Blog Weirdness

There is something very wonky about my layout in Safari (I typically don’t use it) today. It’s entirely green, and the right hand side displays after the posts. I can’t fix it, though, as I still don’t have access to my computer. All my files are on it, and I’m consigned to using a back-up laptop. Soon, I hope, I shall have my little 12 inch friend back.

Is it rendering normally for you? What browser are you using?

Update: User error — I’d forgotten to close a div class correctly in the Day 13 post. All better now.

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4 Comments on “Blog Weirdness”

  1. mom Says:

    It’s total green for me but when I click on comments it shows in the white format but sidebars are still missing.

    And you know my browser 🙂

  2. Michael Says:

    The main page is wonky, but this comment page is fine. And, I’m on Firefox.

  3. mom Says:

    Addendum: On the main page I can only read back to Nov. 9 and after that on the right side begins your face photo and usual lists of interest, source, blogs, etc. … know, all that stuff, down to the usual fini.

    I guess none of that material appears on the comment page?

  4. Kathryn Says:

    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, none of that material is on the comment page — it’s a simpler design.

    I found the code bug that created the problem, so it’s fixed. You might need to clear your cache to see it right again.