Art Every Day Month – Day 1

room with a view - art every day month 06 - day 1

“Room With a View” / 7 x 10″ drawing paper with pigment liner and crayon

I drew this in my art journal. When I bought the journal, I randomly went to pages throughout and doodled or painted parts of a page. The idea is that when I encounter that page, it’s a challenge to incorporate whatever is there. This page had six boxes drawn with purple marker, and from this the drawing emerged. It’s been so dry, though tonight it finally rained. The close-at-hand world is dusty and like a desert, though I see a green, moist future ahead.

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One Comment on “Art Every Day Month – Day 1”

  1. kat Says:

    this is awesome kathryn!! i think your art has grown by leaps and bounds since i first met you!

    and i love the idea of prepping journal pages for later fun!