Boo! Hiss!

halloween 06 cat dark

I carved my pumpkin tonight. Tried something different this year, something requiring a little more finesse in carving. With lights on:

halloween 06 cat - light
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6 Comments on “Boo! Hiss!”

  1. endment Says:

    Great stuff!!!

  2. kat Says:

    nice work!!! as a cat-mommy, i just love it! 🙂

  3. gerry rosser Says:

    Scary stuff, but if you really want a Halloween Scare, take a look at my blog.

  4. la peregrina Says:

    That is one cool cat. 😉

  5. Winston Says:

    Methinks I see Lucifer hisownself therein…

  6. Liora Says:

    That looks pretty complicated! Very neat.