Tomorrow morning I’ll be up really early (before 6 a.m.). I’ll be leading a painting project of about 40 people painting 3500 square feet of space for an agency that handles domestic violence issues. At 2:30 the project will end, and then I’ll help a colleague load a van full of supplies to return to storage and unload there. Then I’ll go home and take a long, hot bath and collapse.

Sunday, providing I can actually move, I will visit Purlescence, a new yarn store in Sunnyvale some knitting friends are opening. The grand opening is actually tomorrow. Later Sunday evening I’m registered to attend a class on early Christianity at church. We shall see if I last that long.

Monday I have off. There’s a tutoring orientation that evening; otherwise I will do as little as possible, including blogging and surfing the web.

I am only $30 shy of my $500 goal for HOBA Day. Will you, blog friend, step up and make a donation to keep Hands On Bay Area up and running?

I’ll be bold here. I’m tagging you. And Shirl, Fran, Chad, Leah, Diana, Kate, Eden, Gerry, Patry, Laurel, Donna, and Winston. Colleen gave a donation. How about you?

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4 Comments on “Countdown”

  1. older sister Says:

    Lil’ sister…if no one else steps up to the plate, I will donate the $30 that you need in addition to my original donation to help you meet your goal! Let me know if you need it!

  2. donna Says:

    I got her covered, older sis….

  3. Kathryn Says:

    You are awesome, both! Thank you. Smooches. 🙂

  4. gerry rosser Says:

    What the heck, I’m in, tell me what to do.