Never leave home unsure of your next good blaze.

–Verlyn Klinkenborg

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3 Comments on “Advice”

  1. Laurel Says:

    I love this quote.

    It sounds very Zen. Reminds me of that Zen saying about having burnt down my barn, I now have a clear view of the moon.

    I googled this blaze quote because I was curious to see where it had originated. I smiled to see that it was in reference to a piece written from a tortoise’s view of the world.

    Still, it’s totally applicable on the human level. The Zen level. What do I need to burn down in order to see more clearly?

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Yes, the book was a good read. The pacing and sentence structure was a little challenging at first. It had a poetic feel to it. And the turtle was real — the author based this on a tortoise brought back to England as a “souvenir” back in the 1700s. He incorporated the naturalist’s writing in the narrative of the tortoise.

    I hadn’t seen the additional meaning of the quote until you mentioned it. Thanks!

  3. mark walter Says:

    Do you mean like lighting the world on fire? 😉