I’ll Bet New York State Isn’t the Only One

New York Times has a major article on small-town justice in New York State. These are small towns where justice is meted out by people who have zero education in the law. Typically they are thought to handle minor infractions such as ticketing issues. These “backwater” locations are the subject of jokes among lawyers. Really, the law only requires a little common sense, right? Like what’s meted out below?

A woman in Malone, N.Y., was not amused. A mother of four, she went to court in that North Country village seeking an order of protection against her husband, who the police said had choked her, kicked her in the stomach and threatened to kill her. The justice, Donald R. Roberts, a former state trooper with a high school diploma, not only refused, according to state officials, but later told the court clerk, “Every woman needs a good pounding every now and then.”

My hair stood up on end when I read that. And I saw red. The article reports that an examination found that for many years, people have been illegally jailed, subjected to bigotry, denied the right to a trial, an impartial judge and the presumption of innocence. If you want more, read on (subscription required).

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3 Comments on “I’ll Bet New York State Isn’t the Only One”

  1. gerry Says:

    Most states have abanodoned the role of non-lawyer justices of the peace, and for good reason. I want a dimwit with a law degree to do me dirty, not some dimwit without one. Seriously, there are still major abuses in our system, and the pity is that there is no reason for it.

  2. Fran aka Redondowriter Says:

    This is disgusting. I did read the whole article and it seems hard to believe, but then I’m shocked that the IRS is going after All Saints Church in Pasadena for talking about the election when we all know that churchs all over the U.S. (especially fundamental ones) not only talk about candidates and issues, and they support them financially. I write about life’s paradoxes today. Learning to live with paradox is such a trip.

  3. Chad Says:

    A right-winger on some other site disagreed with a generalization I made, and asked me in retort, “When did you stop beating your wife?”

    My response: “Aw, man! I’ve waited 36 years to get one, and now I’ve had one for a month and you’re telling me I have to STOP beating her? When did the U.S. of A. go all commie-pinko. I suppose you’ve stopped beating your own wife then?!”

    This reminds me of that, except not quite as funny.