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I just got a phone call from a co-worker. Some miscreant(s) broke into our office in the south bay and stole stuff (I think one item was our server). Fortunately I have the agency laptop that was recently donated to us here at home with me.

Consider this: about 90 percent of the tenants in the business complex are non-profits. They have been kindly granted the space for little to no rent by the Sobrato Foundation. In other words, these are entities that really need every possession they manage to receive by purchase or donation; they run on a shoestring and exist to help the community. It’s wrong to steal. It’s worse, however, to steal from poor entities or people.

This also probably means that I’ll need to commute exclusively to San Francisco for the rest of my service term (which ends October 31, or maybe November 3, depending on who I ask).

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2 Comments on “News Flash”

  1. gerry rosser Says:

    I’m sorry to hear of this criminal activity against a good cause. It goes without saying (but of course I’ll say it anyway) that criminals have no conscience about the effect of their crimes on the victims. I cannot even recally how many news stories I’ve seen of stuff being stolen from good causes, charities, invalids, etc.

  2. acm Says: