Someone Please Turn Off The Internet

I go through phases of information gluttony and fasting, and these are usually mirrored by phases of creative inactivity and output. In other words, when I’m on the computer too much, creative expression by other means comes to a dead stop. I’ve been working so many hours. The few I have free I use on the computer because it’s easy to sit and surf. But then I fall into a stupor and start feeling like I’ve eaten too much mental junk food. Last Wednesday I took a day off, and I accomplished many tasks that needed attention. The reason for this is because on that day our DSL connection was offline due to problems with the provider. I couldn’t fall into the vortex, so I was forced to use my time differently.

I wish I had the self-discipline naturally!

Well, it’s lame to just wish for it. I know I just need to exert myself. That is, I need to tear myself away from this device (this includes reading other blogs and websites) and not return to it for a number of days. In the meantime, I can draw, knit, take photographs, make a collage, bake something, go on a hike.

I’m off to replenish. See you in a week, maybe two.

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10 Comments on “Someone Please Turn Off The Internet”

  1. Winston Says:

    Funny… and perhaps sad… how quickly we become one with our blog and blog activity. You have discovered like many of us have not, that while it promotes creativity, it stifles diversity. It simultaneously helps us grow and helps us grow… first mentally and second girthly…

    Enjoy your self-imposed exile. Enjoy. Return when you are ready. We will be right here patiently waiting…

  2. gerry Says:

    The Weave (from Weaveworld) that’s what I call it, it’s a bottomless, sideless, topless pit and it’s more addictive, to me, than anything I’ve ever encountered. However, I take breaks, and actually play guitar, and write, and bike, and walk, and (horrors!) talk to live humans.

  3. Diana Says:

    I know exactly what you mean. I recently was reading the back of a book (Rogue River Journal) which described it as a journal of solitude from a season when the writer pulled back and went to live alone to discover what his thoughts were. I instantly related. Lately I feel as though I don’t know what my own thoughts are because I whip through blog after blog, soaking up the thoughts of others. I’ve been thinking of taking a break, too. Good luck on yours.

  4. donna Says:

    Oh, you’ll be back… ;^)

    And yeah, I’m the same way…

  5. endment Says:

    You speak for me 🙂 — I need a break but for now I will simply post less often and work on some art projects, and making some hand-made books

    Here’s hoping the break with bring you back with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

  6. Liora Says:

    I do, too. I had another blog just implode after a year of blogging due to lack of balance. That’s really what it seems to be about–just maintaining balance with technology and time away from it.

  7. William Sackinger Says:

    Departing from communication and taking a focus on creativity and also on reflection upon the world, is a rejuvenation for you and for the readers of your blog (once you return and share your findings with them!) Good for you, and for all of your blog-reading world…..

  8. M Sinclair Stevens Says:

    I have the same problem but I had it even in the days of penpals. I’d be restless and inattentive all morning waiting for the post and then either disappointed when it brought no letters or so immersed in my correspondence that I read and wrote nothing else.

    In the last couple of weeks I’ve become addicted to YouTube. When someone talks directly to you through the camera, it’s mesmerizing.

    Must, must pull myself away from the machine.

  9. Fran aka Redondowriter Says:

    I stayed away from the computer three whole days this week, but you describe almost exactly how I feel sometimes.

  10. Marilyn Says:

    I’m just starting to get caught up on blogs this holiday weekend after working way too much in August. When I’d get home in the evening, the LAST thing I felt like doing was sitting in front of the computer…and not because I had a mouse in my hand all day, I didn’t. But I just didn’t want anything where I’d have to remotely THINK. 😉 Enjoy your replenishment. A good break from blogging is what we all need now and then. Wish, like you, that I was disciplined enough to give myself that break now and then in a way that didn’t involve working myself to exhaustion. 🙂