Weekend Update

On Saturday I led a team of 18 people in the establishment of a 7,000-book elementary school library. The library had been closed for over a year for lack of a librarian (funding cuts). The books had been boxed up and stored. The SF Connect project goal was to unpack those boxes, along with scores of boxes from another elementary school library, so that it would be open for school today. The volunteers did an amazing job of getting it all done in three hours. I ran my butt off and had a great workout. I would love to work in a library again. Maybe I will.

Later that day I played at the Exploratorium, and then I had dinner with friends at Andalu tapas restaurant. Husband and I got home and crashed around midnight.

So then, what did I do with my Sunday? I slept until 10:30 a.m. Then I talked with one of my sisters for 2 hours. And then I gave the cat a bath. Yep. One of my cats, Stella, just desperately needed it. I also ended up brushing half a pound of fur off of her. No joke! She wasn’t happy during the bath, but she loved the grooming and spent the remainder of the day on me, purring. (Sophie, however, hid most of the day; ever since Stella’s transformation Sophie won’t go near her without hissing. Apparently Stella smells unfamiliar and thus is the enemy.) Later I took a too-long nap (with Stella of course) and then got up to read. It’s been a lazy day. And no, I never did get to church.

This week will be a full one, but then I have three days off.

On a side note: three years ago today I started this blog. And now it’s the end of August. ?! Too fast. I must be having fun.

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3 Comments on “Weekend Update”

  1. Liora Says:

    I’m glad you’re having fun. I’m having fun reading your blog and viewing your pictures in Flickr. I just killed my blog in order to try to conserve some of that creative energy and put it into things like photography and writing. Interesting how some people seem able to do “it all” and others like me find ourselves feeling penned in after a while.

  2. acm Says:

    wow, three years!
    you really *are* ancient and wise…


    thanks for sharing along the way.

  3. donna Says:

    Happy Blogiversary!