That Most Irrefutable Truth

I used to think truth was eternal, that once I knew, once I saw, it would be with me forever, a constant by which everything else would be measured. I know now that this isn’t so, that most truths are inherently unretainable, that we have to work hard all our lives to remember the most basic things. Society is no help. It tells us again and again that we can most be ourselves by acting and looking like someone else, only to leave our original faces behind to turn into ghosts that will inevitably resent and haunt us. As I sat there in the café, it suddenly occurred to me that it is no mistake when sometimes in films and literature the dead know they are dead only after being offered that most irrefutable proof: they can no longer see themselves in the mirror.

–Lucy Grealy, Autobiography of a Face

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One Comment on “That Most Irrefutable Truth”

  1. Winston Says:

    What a rich passage! There are several points in there that could be discussed, but I’ll pick the final one. It is a spooky thought that the dead have no reflection in the mirror. But it is so very tragic that some of the living have no real substance, have no mirrored reflection, and cast no shadow. We know who they are, but they do not…