Yesterday I did something for myself. I took the day off from work. It wasn’t a restful day, but by the time I went to sleep, I felt more centered and less like I was running on fumes. By the end of the day, I:

  • washed four loads of laundry
  • cleaned the kitchen
  • sorted recycling
  • worked out at the gym
  • paid bills
  • watered the gasping gardens
  • organized my desk which was buried under mail and books
  • grocery shopped (at three different stores because this is California, where one is always treated to The California Shopping Experience, because no store ever has everything one needs)

The day flew by.

While the experience with AmeriCorps has been educational, I will be very happy when my term has ended. Had I known I’d be expected to work from SF so much I’d not have taken the position. I really dislike the city, and in part this results from the context in which I’m up here: always rushing to arrive on schedule, often trying to find my way around on public transportation with little information or time for miscalculation. SF is synonymous with stress for me. I find the city alienating, filthy, rough, and anonymous. People are cold and often rude. My colleagues who live here have a different experience, because they have found niches of friends. They put on their armor to deal with the city and find respite in their social lives. Because this is not my home base, I don’t have the community here. So it always feels like I’m doing battle, and I find that tiring. It’s at least as draining as the 90 mile drive or 2.5 hour train ride (round trip).

I’m working from the city today, actually, stealing a few moments to write this post. I am doing something fun up here this evening, though. I was given tickets to see the Giants play the Cincinnati Reds, and I persuaded a friend to attend with me (if not for the entire game, at least for the Gilroy garlic fries!).

Update, 11:58 p.m.:Too many garlic fries. Too much cotton candy. The Giants lost 3-6. Ugh. It was fun, though! I need to wear extra layers next time. I forget how chilly it gets after sunset. Fortunately my friend splurged on a sweatshirt and let me borrow it. What a mensch!

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2 Comments on “Whassup”

  1. patry Says:

    I love days like that–when you can actually SEE what you’ve done, and when you know your little world will be clearer, brighter, more organized as a result.

  2. gerry rosser Says:

    I’m surprised that you find time for any posting to your site, but I am now a faithrul reader and enjoy everything you post. I did add your link to my infant blog.