This… This Is Perfect

All summer I’ve been sleeping with my window open. Even on the nights when the humid air seeped into my room and seemed to cling to the carpet and sheets and walls. Even like last night when the air was cool and crisp as a granny smith apple and I closed my eyes and felt and saw and heard the word “fall.” I want the world in my room, in my head when I go to bed. I want to hear the night, the lone dog breaking his voice for the moon, the cacophony of crickets which is maybe the loudest collective sound of lust I have ever known, a sound that confuses me because it surrounds me and gets inside and down in me until I’m not sure if I am making it or if it is making me, and the beetle click-click-clicking under my window, tapping out his secret code.

Laurel Dodge

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2 Comments on “This… This Is Perfect”

  1. William Sackinger Says:

    Kathryn, we greet you from Reykjavik, after spending 12 days in sunny Iceland, with each afternoon and each evening, and each morning, fulled with the natural sights and sounds and movements of wind and grass and sheep and beautiful Icelandic horses, the northern version of the passage you have chosen to post today! This city is, however, very civilized, and a sharp contrast to the time we have enjoyed with nature. People here are friendly, helpful, orderly, polite, the ideal type of culture one would like to visit when the term “civilized urban culture” comes to mind.
    We will be home on Sunday. Best wishes
    Bill, Shane, and Erin

  2. gerry Says:

    There are many days during the summer when we sleep with windows open here on Cape Cod. What usually drives us to air conditioning is the humidity, not the heat. Same type of dampness you describe–we are right next to salt water. Often we are entertained at six in the morning or so by a woodpecker hammering on the metal part of our chimney. He often cackles/chirps derisively while doing this.