Hunkered Down

Oy! I worked a 9-hour day on Saturday. Today was an 11-hour workday. Tomorrow will be a 15-hour day. Wednesday is another long day (10 hours?). Ditto for Thursday. Friday is a half day, though that afternoon and evening my fellow Americorps and I will be celebrating the achievement of 1000 hours (we have all worked at least that many since January 10). Saturday I may have to work, Sunday I definitely have to work.

I’ll be scarce this week. If you’ve emailed or called me recently, hang tight. I’m not ignoring you for any reason other than the fact I’m swamped.

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2 Comments on “Hunkered Down”

  1. Winston Says:

    Not unlike my work schedule. And a sure path to burn-out. Hope it is all worthwhile. In my case, I sometimes wonder if it is. Bottom line — gotta eat…

  2. endment Says:

    Hope your week filled with activities brings you great satisfaction!