This And That And The Other

Things that please me and make me a nice person to be around.

  1. The car engine light remains off and it’s running great.
  2. My car passed smog inspection.
  3. I got a free cup of coffee this afternoon when I happened upon a grand opening party of a new Starbucks in San Mateo.
  4. There was a musician performing for the party whose style and voice I found very striking. Her name is Katie Knipp.
  5. I spent an enjoyable evening packing safe sex kits for the AIDS program in San Mateo.
  6. I am scheduled to get a massage tomorrow (my annual trip).
  7. One of my new social groups at LibraryThing has taken off. It’s a group for people who like tea, of all things.
  8. The temperature is cool again.
  9. I had dinner with a friend and caught up over coffee at Borders while in SF yesterday. We hadn’t seen each other in nine months.
  10. I am eating fresh, sweet cherries as I write this post.
  11. I will attend the Collard Greens Festival on Saturday. It’s in East Palo Alto; if you live in the Bay Area, you should come! I can hardly wait to sample the collard green ice cream!
  12. As of August 1, I will have only three months of my service to complete.
  13. I have decided to let go of anxiety about what will happen next and just enjoy the abundant life I am blessed with.
  14. While the past week has been creatively quiet in terms of knitting and visual art, I wrote two poems for the first time in three months.
  15. This means that I’m “getting back on the horse again” after my dreadful experience with an online poetry forum and a raking over by one critic/troll in particular.
  16. Meanwhile I discovered some new books with techniques and bought some more supplies (rubber stamps, paper, ink), which has been like taking a super-creativity vitamin. My hands are itching to make something!
  17. There are brilliant, incisive, creative people out there, such as Ze Frank, who amuses me daily, and the occasional You Tube video such as Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis by Eric Schwartz (thanks to Emy for that one).
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3 Comments on “This And That And The Other”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    Ze? I’m addicted to that guy. 🙂 Great links here…I’ll check out Katie and the YouTube clip and LibraryThing. But a Collard Greens Festival? Oh MAN, I’d have J in the car in a heartbeat for that…if only his gig on Saturday wasn’t in Sacramento. The irony…he’s playing with musicians who all live down there…but for once they’re coming up HERE. 🙂

  2. inkgrrl Says:

    That #13 is a biggie. Did you actually manage to do it and let go or is it still at the decision stage? I ask not to snark, but because I’m always telling myself I’ve let go and I am rarely successful at it. Any tips would be most appreciated!

  3. Kathryn Says:

    Oh my, Inkgrrl. It’s certainly not a done deal. For me, the decision is reaffirmed daily, or many times a day if need be. The way I reaffirm it is to visual my life as I want it and tell myself what I want to believe whenever I catch myself brooding or worrying. For instance, I’m tempted to worry it’s too late to have a child. Sure, that may be the case. But I do want to try, and my life is much more pleasant if I can feel positive while doing so. So when I notice a worry-thought, I take a deep breath and re-frame it. I comfort myself with the fact that I did conceive twice, that other women at my age and older have healthy children, and that I’m healthy. It really does help!