Simply Good

I sit on my couch with a spritely glass of Pinot Grigio from Sonoma beside me, infused with feelings of contentment. Today was the type of day that made me feel gloriously alive.

I left the South Bay at 8 a.m. with my colleague to pick up my other colleagues in San Francisco. As AmeriCorps members, one task we have is to get together twice a month to develop skills and our connection in the community. This month we decided on an outing to St. Anthony Farm. This farm, located 15 miles west of Petaluma, provides free residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation services. The farm is 315 acres and operates an organic commercial dairy and an organic garden. Residents work in these or on other facilities jobs.

The day dawned cool and foggy. The two hour drive zoomed by while we all talked. When we arrived, we were given a tour of the center and the farm. I got to commune with newly born calves who adored a gentle head scratch. Many of them were hungry. They sucked my fingers eagerly. They also sucked my elbows and attempted to nurse off my t-shirt!

We were scheduled to work in the organic garden. The woman who manages it was earthy (what else would one expect?) and friendly. Our task was to dig ditches. Rather than double-dig to plant pumpkins, the dirt we dug up was tossed to one side or the other. Then we raked that dirt smooth, and it is in this that she will plant. At one point we all took a break. The air was light; the fog had burned off, leaving a blue sky with malleable clouds. I lay down, nestled into the grass, and felt my muscles relax.

The garden manager had left and when she returned she brought her two dogs. They bounded over to and on top of me, licking my face and arms and goosing my ears with their noses. I sat up laughing, and the gardener called them off with an apology. None was needed, of course. I haven’t been greeted that exuberantly in a long time! The reason she had gone was to pick us some carrots and rinse them. They were sweet, crisp, and delectable. The dogs buddied up to me and begged for a taste, which they of course received.

We left after that to eat lunch in Petaluma. There I gave a small presentation on Keirsey-Bates and Myers-Briggs personality theory. We meandered through the town and browsed a few shops, then headed home around 4:00.

Once home, I cooked up some fresh organic vegetables that my colleague had given me, added pink salmon and rice, and sat down with Husband for supper. Since she’ll be on vacation next week, she offered me the chance to pick up her share of organic produce they purchase from Live Earth Farm.

Oh, and we received happy news that the Austin friends whose wedding we attended will be relocating to the Bay Area this summer! It’s a big change for them — we just went through it two years ago. (Amazing, that it’s already been that long!)

The dishwasher churns through its task. The cats lounge nearby. A rented movie awaits. I finished a knitting project and have new ones to start (with just-bought yarn). I’m engrossed in a fascinating novel. Tomorrow is Art Day — I will make some. The air is cool, and I am pleased.

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