Self-Portrait Challenge: You Tell Me

self-portrait 5-22-06

What or whom do you see when you look at this photo? Tell me a story (even a very short one)!

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17 Comments on “Self-Portrait Challenge: You Tell Me”

  1. TP Says:

    Gray hairs??? W00t! Here’s to authenticity (and to your not entirely looking younger than me anymore).

    Short story: “face games.”

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Heh. Yes, I decided to go natural again to see what’s accumulated in the last decade. 🙂

    I hope you had a felicitous natal anniversary yesterday, btw.

  3. kathleen Says:

    happy, creative, honest with yourself, daring to take a picture that shows the real you… i loved it.


  4. Diana Says:

    Joy, piercing perceptivity, confidence, a little fatigue that you’re compensating for…

    Very nice!

  5. acm Says:

    somebody who puts in the time to look stylish in her own way for work, but who’s more concerned with getting things done and getting on with life. yay on all counts!!

  6. dani Says:

    a centred, confident woman! and you look happy too.

  7. bekka Says:

    Kathryn ordered five different desserts from her hovering server. Why? Because she treats herself well and knows that life is too short to deny oneself dessert.

  8. nikkirae Says:

    A smile that reflects the fun in life.
    Hairs that show life has not always been kind but it’s been survived with a sense of humor intact.
    Jewelry enjoyed and not just for show.
    A well-used location- a home for a family to relish.
    Eyes- a soul that cares and reflects upon everything.
    Make-up thats not over the top– an extension rather than an attempt to hide.


  9. older sister Says:

    I see my baby sister looking older, wiser and more beautiful as the years go by! Too think that she was that pesky tag along that eventually became one of my bestest friends!
    Don’t color the grey, my dear. It is your hallmark of the life you have traveled. Grey means that you have made it in life!

  10. Miriam Says:


  11. William Sackinger Says:

    Comments on such a good photo not only are about the person in the photo, but also about the person making the comments.
    You make a good visual presentation. You also show that you communicate with your face and body movements, in a pleasing way, and this is a major adjunct to your extremely effective writing and use of art and photography and poetry as avenues of communication.
    Being such an accomplished communicator, have you ever considered running for a suitable public office?

  12. Chad Says:

    I see double. Except that the doubled image on the right is waaaaay smaller.

    Was this a trick question?

  13. Lynn Says:

    Short story: sister-friend.

  14. patry Says:

    This is a story about the contagion of joie de vivre. It’s a story about a smile so powerful that you can’t help smiling back–even if you’re looking into a computer screen.

  15. travis j morgan Says:

    I see sand.

  16. Marilyn Says:

    I LOVE this photo, Kathryn! I see a beautiful, joyous woman who feels good about herself…and about her place in the world…

  17. la peregrina Says:

    Once upon a time there was a lady who loved cats very, very much. She loved them so much that she even wore cat earrings. When ever she wore her cat earrings she could not help thinking about all the cats she loved. This made her feel so happy that she walked around all day with a big smile on her face. When her cats saw her walking around with a big smile on her face they knew she was thinking about them and would smile themselves. Everyone who saw the smiling cats or the smiling woman could not help smiling themselves. All those smiling people smiled at other people who could not help smiling either. Soon every person on the face of the earth was smiling and the world was a better place.
    The end.