Help People Help

Last night I attended a networking event in SF that was sponsored by the Craigslist Foundation. Their goal is to catalyze the community by educating and promoting resources so they can “help people help.” Since it was primarily SF non-profits, though, I didn’t stay long. I would love to see if the foundation might hold a similar event in San Jose/South Bay. Philanthropy is quite alive in the valley. Oh, I also met (briefly) Craig Newmark, and he is as modest as he is reputed to be. In any case, I may explore the possibilities of the foundation to see if it might benefit my agency or my own philanthropic dreams.

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One Comment on “Help People Help”

  1. Ben Combee Says:

    I met Craig last year at SXSW where he was talking with some attendees before one of the sessions. A very cool and humble guy, and I love that he still considers his main role that of customer support. If only every company founder was so focused on their original mission.