One day at work I noticed a bird had built a nest on top of a light attached to the wall. When I came in the next day, the nest was on the ground along with fragments of blue shell and dried innards. I decided to amend the sadness I felt by bringing it home. It’s an amazing piece of work, a weaving of mud and twigs the mother must have worked very hard to construct.

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6 Comments on “Nest”

  1. patry Says:

    An amazing piece of work–and an amazing photograph as well.
    Somehow it consoles me when losses like this are handled so tenderly and so well.

  2. Bill Says:

    Hello, Kathryn.

    Poetry is no more a mere collection of components than a painting is. It’s not skillful brushstrokes that make a painting, and it’s not clever turns of phrase that make a poem: one looks for overall impact, be that in terms of image or of message. And whether these are presented visually or verbally, composition is paramount, and technique always will be secondary. You have both image and message right here in your post; all they want is unification into a composition; that’s no more than a matter of practice and vision—and all these require of you are time and patience.

    – – –

    A bird’s nest atop a wall light fell,
    its promise broken into fragments
    of blue shell and dried remains.
    Now on my desk, in this woven creche
    of mud and twigs my sadness nests.
    The birds rebuild; before the season ends,
    another clutch will fledge and fly,
    while I’m still brooding over mine.

    – – –

    We have a choice of how to look at what we don’t have now: we can be defeated by its lack, or we can look forward to its attainment. —Telitlai Kitiz

    Hang in there, eh?

  3. David Guchua Says:

    Nice blog and great nest note! Thank you.

  4. Lynn Says:

    Hello old friend!

    Nests are so incredibly amazing pieces of architecture. It baffles me how these simple little creatures can instinctively build something so perfect. Mother nature is pretty amazing!

  5. Winston Says:

    Everytime I see a fallen nest, a tiny broken egg, or the remains of a baby bird, I wonder … do they have feelings? Do they feel the loss?

  6. Marilyn Says:

    I’m always struck with the same thoughts when I see a nest–such extraordinary detailed work.