One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats.

–Iris Murdoch

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3 Comments on “Continuous”

  1. Fran aka Redondowriter Says:

    Hope you had a happy Easter and this is a time for new beginnings in all good ways.

  2. endment Says:

    a great quote to begin my day – thanks

  3. Jen Says:

    Very true! I hardly ever spend huge amounts of $$ on luxuries, but I’m all about the occasional $5 bath bomb, or the single, expensive, but excellent quality truffle, or spending the extra $4 and buying the hunk of real parmesan to grate, rather than buying the overly salty, powdery, dried out stuff, or goint outside to eat my lunch with a good book, instead of cooping myself up in the office lunchroom, and picking up 2-3 gerbera daisies to brighten up my desk.