My brain churns with thoughts, but time and energy are limited. Here’s a stream-of-consciousness example of what’s on my mind these days (in no particular order):

  • The history of the Black Panther movement and the 60s culture (I went to an exhibition at the Yerba Buena galleries today).
  • Community and social capital, i.e., how technology reduces this in-person but presents new opportunities for community via the Internet.
  • Musing whether these changes in community signify the doom of humanity and wondering if I’m a cynical idealist or just a realist or if there’s a difference.
  • Netsquared and their mission to support non-profits in adopting new web technologies to further their missions.
  • Life and it’s meaning; death and what comes after (if anything).
  • What truth is.
  • The first anniversary of my father-in-law’s death on April 2.
  • How I’m ready for rain to stop and warm spring to arrive.
  • Exercises that grab me by the lapels from a book I recently bought called The Practice of Poetry.
  • Cursing the fact that dust bunnies reproduce and wondering if there’s a simpler form of birth control than housecleaning.
  • Thinking about some essays my father wrote and sent me about his life experiences, and how I’m learning tidbits I’d yearned to know for years.
  • Percolating an idea for a project I’m to make to give to my Artella Spring Sprite recipient.
  • Saturday’s HOBA TeamWorks project at RAFT.
  • How pleased I am that my cholesterol levels are really low and that my doctor wrote a personal note, “Good!!” on the results that were mailed to me.
  • Wishing I’d read the book Jarhead before watching the movie Jarhead, which I’ve rented and will watch this weekend.
  • Creativity and personality and what type of mini-workshop I want to design regarding this.
  • What I want for dinner.

What’s on your mind?

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9 Comments on “Alas”

  1. donna Says:

    I’ll go with “dinner”…. Mexican food is sounding good… and margaritas!

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Actually, that cuisine may be on the agenda! Husband called and we agreed we have a hankering for it (Tex Mex would be great, but we’ll take simple Mex).

  3. tess/chameleon chronicles Says:

    “Cursing the fact that dust bunnies reproduce and wondering if there’s a simpler form of birth control than housecleaning.”

    This is so funny! Let me know if you discover an answer.

  4. la peregrina Says:

    I liked that line too. 🙂

  5. Marilyn Says:

    Too many things at the moment… OOH, I wanted to see the Black Panther exhibit when I was in the City two weeks ago…but I was with friends and…you know how that goes… Reading that though, I just realized I’ll be on Spring Break week after next…and I could train into the City and wander alone to my heart’s content…why hadn’t I thought of that?! 🙂 And Jarhead–I quite enjoyed most of the book (surprisingly)…and just realized I never added the film to my Netflix queue. Have a good weekend!

  6. William Sackinger Says:

    Dust bunnies are nature’s way of collecting tiny floating particles from the air in locations which are very stagnant, thus removing those particles from the part of the room air which is available for us to breathe. So, for those of us who are allergic to household dust…including myself….we appreciate the dust bunnies. However, their source is the floating dust, and so, operating a HEPA filter which includes an electrostatic percipitation section, will remove the floating dust from the air and will make dust bunnies grow ever-so-slowly…


  7. Sherri Says:

    We watched Jarhead the other night. I did not care much for it maybe the book is better. Let me know what your opinion is. Cute comment about dust bunnies. It is true they do seem to multiply at amazing rates.

  8. Liora Says:

    I hope April 2 wasn’t too difficult for you. What a wonderful thing to have his essays. Sounds like that might be a nice project to make a memory book with pictures and his essays and your memories all combined.

  9. Kathryn Says:

    Thanks, Liora. Actually, the anniversary is of my father-in-law’s death, but the essays are from my own father. I’ve been trying to persuade him to become a guest blogger here. 🙂