Another Saved Poem…From 1983

Still Life

My father is sitting on a duck
In the middle of a field
On our kitchen table.
A still life in fading black and white
Curling at the edges
The Kodak print holds a past
That belongs partly to me.
My father is no longer
Just a soldier’s face on the mantle
Or a brass plaque in the attic.
Now I am the daughter of a little boy
Who sits on the back of a duck
And squints into afternoon sunlight.
He knew me only as a photograph
Enclosed in an air mail envelope.
I know him only as a photograph
Curling on the formica table
And gazing endlessly from the mantle
Behind a sheet of glass
Which my mother won’t dust.

–Gretchen Hill

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2 Comments on “Another Saved Poem…From 1983”

  1. krista Says:

    hmm, might you be interested in joining Poetry Thrusday?

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Perhaps! I’ll explore it. Keeping up with what I currently do is a challenge, but perhaps as a “sometimes” project.