You probably notice that I’ve been changing the font. The Georgia style (all curly and fussy) was harder for me to read. Then I tried Arial, but it felt inelegant. So I settled on Verdana at a font size I like for my laptop; it will still be pretty big for users of regular computers. Of course, you can always adjust text size on your browser.

And… I wrote another poem tonight. Some of you might wonder why I don’t just post them here already. But I’d rather mention it here and provide a link to the other blog. Those who want to read will click through. Those who don’t won’t, and it keeps presentation simpler. The latest poem is here. You may notice a theme… Mortality and Time visit often of late.

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2 Comments on “Adjustments”

  1. Winston Says:

    The more I see of your new “look” the more I like it. I’m still searching for something new in a WP theme. Was your theme based on one of the available themes or is it a new entry available for use? Or maybe it is your own private stock…

  2. Kathryn Says:

    The theme is free for the taking. At the bottom of my blog you’ll see a statement “Mindful Life theme based on work…” with the names of two people (names are links). Sheth made a variation of the template Martine originally designed. I used Sheth’s work but replaced it with my own photo and changed font colors/style a bit. And Husband also tweaked code in ways I don’t really understand but that makes the design work better.

    I found these themes and many more by going to the WordPress site and exploring the links there to other designs. Have fun searching! There’s lots of variety out there.