The Artist’s Way: A Couple of Good Dates

Wow! Is it Monday already?

Saturday evening entailed a good visit with friends and a tasty dinner of Cioppino. And get this: Husband made the dessert! Since I had to work Saturday I told him I couldn’t do my usual (I’m the Baker in the family). He doesn’t cook much. He went out, bought brownie mix, and made them. (He also made key lime bars — mostly for himself.) He said it was nothing to make something from a box, but what’s simple to make is just as simple to screw up. Ask my family. My very first baked dessert ever, when I was 12, was a pan of brownies. I’d not used enough water and baked them a tad too long, and they were like stone. We needed a chisel to eat them.

Yesterday I devoted some time to removing barriers to knitting by de-cluttering the room where I spend most of my time. Then I went to Stitches West. I hadn’t registered to attend, but for $8 I got into the market and spent several hours taking in yarn yumminess, getting inspired again. I bought a few little tools and indulged myself in three skeins of hand-painted yarn. Then I came home, pulled my last unfinished object from its hiding place, and began knitting. That felt very, very good.

And no nap! Usually when I take naps they are much shorter — 45 minutes to an hour. I’ve been so exhausted of late, though. I did work out as well, and this gave me energy.

Today is another free day. On the agenda: more knitting, working out, and maybe a movie this evening. Any suggestions?

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