The Artist’s Way: Week Three (What? It Was Week Three?)

Hmm. I am not doing so well with my commitment to myself on this journey. Writing of daily pages: zero. Artist’s date: zero. This adjustment to full-time work is happening s-l-o-w-l-y. However, I have been meeting my commitment to self-care. I’ve gotten 7-8 hours of sleep nightly, took a long, hot soak (does that count as an artist’s date?), and exercised. I quit Curves again. I just never went; the place was too friendly, too much chitchat and not enough focus on the workout. At $40 a month is was also pretty costly. So I joined Fitness 19 which is overall much much cheaper, and the variety of equipment appeals more. I’ve gone each day since I joined, and tomorrow I meet with a personal trainer (I splurged on two half-hour sessions) to establish my goals, etc.

Oh, and here’s a neat bit of synchronicity regarding art. This afternoon I went on a site visit with my manager to meet a woman about developing a project to help her community garden. My manager had an important call, so I went ahead to greet her and, in the process of getting acquainted, learned that we have similar interests and viewpoints on creativity. She is an art therapist. As for the project, here is what this woman had done: she single-handedly took on a labor of love, a project in a poorer part of town, to renovate a small garden space. Her goal was to create community in a neighborhood where there was distrust and animosity, to teach children about where food comes from and to value the fruits of the earth, and to nurture creativity. (This is my summary, and I hope I’m doing her vision justice.) The garden is a lovely space. There are mosaic bricks, a mosaic birdbath, handmade tiles on the bbq grill — all children’s artwork. They grew corn, tomatoes, squash, tomatillos, and pumpkins. Right now it’s dormant and needs attention, but she got to a point where she alone couldn’t carry on. She secured grant funding to cover materials but needs help with labor. That’s where my agency hopes to help.

In any case, this amazing woman, Carla Brooke, has a website featuring the types of classes and workshops she offers. Since I dream of someday facilitating a creativity workshop (I still think about having a coaching practice), I definitely brightened up when she mentioned this. In fact, I would like — for awhile — to enroll in a creativity group or workshop. Carla’s website url is intriguing: Studio in the Trees. The intersection of art, nature, and (for me) spiritual connection is a motherlode; I simply need to tap into it. What a pleasing way to end the week! Just last night I thought to myself that maybe I ought to pack up the art stuff for awhile. I haven’t knit in a couple of weeks. I started clipping images from magazines to make a soul collage (my first), but then a wave of exhaustion overcame me; the periodicals sit piled on the coffee table. This resistance is partly real weariness, but something else is happening here.

And then there’s week four of The Artist’s Way, which involves (brace yourself) reading deprivation. Yep. Apparently I am not supposed to read anything for one week: blogs, newspapers, websites, magazines, books. I assume this also means no writing on the blog either (since that involves re-reading and editing). The point is to break away from habits and try new things. As an avid reader, this is a tall order. I need to think about whether I will follow it strictly, moderately, or not at all.

Oh, one last thing. Here’s a shout-out to Kat, the lovely facilitator of this online journey. She got engaged this week!

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3 Comments on “The Artist’s Way: Week Three (What? It Was Week Three?)”

  1. Fran Says:

    I just did a week’s catch-up on your posts and I am amazed, when working fulltime, that you can still give us such depth in your writing, research and storytelling. I had never heard of Bellado and will research that–and I loved the photo of you and the kitty at 19. There’s not one among us who doesn’t have regret about squandered time–even when we have been “awakened.” The wheels of growth and development for must of us move very slowly. Your job sounds wonderful. I enjoyed hearing the story of the woman who has the mosaic garden.

  2. SB Says:

    Well, I don’t think it means we can’t blog; it just means we can’t *read* blogs. Surely blogging is an art form, and part of the idea here is to activate our own creativity.

    So I’ll be blogging.

    I just won’t be reading yours.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    I am right there with you, I started, gasp, my FIRST morning pages THIS MORNING. I have a hard time getting out of bed in time for work, the pages weren’t happening.

    And now I am caught up and in week 4, but I am wondering if I should do another week for my reading deprivation? I am behind…behind behind…

    BUT still doing and learning and growing. AND THAT IS WHAT MATTERS!

    Good luck! 🙂