It Was a Good Run

Created by Aaron Sorkin, who wrote almost every episode during the show’s first four seasons, “The West Wing” was a valentine to public service and politics as Americans would like it to be. The Bartlet administration had its weaknesses and limitations — arrogance and indecisiveness, just for starters — but those who worked in the west wing of this White House were decent, intelligent, patriotic Americans trying to be their best in an increasingly complex world.

Executed with sharp, rapid-fire dialogue that often resembled that in the classic screwball comedies of the 1930s, “The West Wing” could effortlessly move from discourses on educational policy, intelligent design and the federal deficit to intensely moving moments about the pressures on those who govern.

— Charlie McCollum, ‘West Wing’ out of office

The show will officially end in May after seven seasons. I enjoyed this show immensely and was saddened when John Spencer died. I had a feeling the series was winding down. I appreciate that the producers recognized the state of affairs and didn’t let the show “jump the shark” as so many other series do (E.R., for example). It was a weekly dose of fictional television for people who like to think. It leaves big shoes to fill.

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