monterey bay aquarium - jellyfish 1

Jellyfish, Monterey Bay Aquarium
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4 Comments on “Translucent”

  1. marta Says:

    I am stunned by this picture. It is beautiful. I just…wow. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Marilyn Says:

    Gorgeous shot. One of these days I’m going to get to the Monterey Aquarium. (An old friend of mine used to work there.)

  3. la peregrina Says:

    I love the way the color blue changes as it moves across the photo.

  4. marta Says:

    I like this photo so much I have to comment more…I love it because since the colors blue and orange are oppposites on the color wheel, the colors here shimmer, dance, look electrified. I like it because the blue darkens in the same direction the jellyfish flow. I like the graceful lines, the shadows, all as if choreographed. A perfect picture! And I wish it were mine…