Self-Portrait Tuesday: Reflective Image #4

I took a walk one evening in my neighborhood and, to my surprise, found several spots to take a reflective photograph even in the dark. When I took this photo, I didn’t realize there was a shadow reflection as well. Perhaps this is my higher self, or maybe my guardian angel? (I don’t really believe in angels, but I fervently did in childhood. I always imagined them as being “other,” but what if a guardian angel were really an invisible form in the shape of our corporeal selves? I guess the question is moot, since I don’t believe in angels. Yet again, lack of belief doesn’t always prove disbelief; it can often mean doubt. With doubt there is possibility.)

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One Comment on “Self-Portrait Tuesday: Reflective Image #4”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    I didn’t believe in angels when I was young (no matter how much religion class the nuns shoved down my throat)…but I grew to believe in them as an adult. Who the hell knows, right? But sometimes I imagine that certain humans who cross my path are really angels in disguise…maybe I do that as an exercise to get in touch with my ‘higher’ self… 🙂