Illustration Friday: Holiday

Yule/Solstice/Christmas is my favorite holiday. This little collage represents my most cherished aspects of the season: Christmas trees, cozy fires, and presents. I have a bit of wood saved from last year’s yule fire to burn in this year’s, and then I will save a piece of the newly burned wood for next year.

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10 Comments on “Illustration Friday: Holiday”

  1. Tiffy Says:

    Very cool collage,and a pretty Christmas tree!

  2. Caroline Says:

    What an interesting tradition!

    I love the glowing baubles on your tree.

    Merry Christmas

  3. Madeline Says:

    Very fun collage!!

  4. mer Says:

    wow, what a creative collage!

    happy holidays!

  5. valgalart Says:

    this is so sweet! enjoy your holidays!

  6. zordis Says:

    Just Great. I can not be without the Christmas tree, wouldn´t be the same. Nice Christmas this year!

  7. shrawan Says:

    Merry Christmas……..

  8. Pat Says:

    Just to tell you we continue to enjoy your site. The collages are both fun and beautiful.

    Let this refer to the entire current content, so we don’t reduplicate this for other items currently displayed.


  9. kat Says:

    aww, i love that tree!!! hope you had a very merry holiday darlin!

  10. Melba Says:

    I love this. Such a great tradition! Happy Days!