She’s On My (S)hit List

You know that lovely purple mohair scarf I made only two days ago? Well, look what happened tonight. I’d taken it off just for a moment and somehow it ended up on the floor. By the time I noticed…

scarf eaten

It was too late.

And this is the evil miscreant to committed such a dastardly deed. See?! Doesn’t she look possessed?

scarf eating cat

She knows I’m highly annoyed with her. I won’t let her near me, and I chase her off when she ambles over as if la-dee-da, nothing’s wrong. I mean, I know it wasn’t a work of art, but I liked it. It was pretty, just the right length, and I made it. Now it’s unmade. I got this yarn in San Francisco, so it’s unlikely I’ll be getting more soon. *sigh*

I know she’s just following her nature. I know the texture is much like a furry mouse and the fibers taste good. But damn. She’s a bad, baaaaaad cat.

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