Today is a lazy, cozy day. Winter weather has arrived. It’s rainy with winds blustering at 25-35 miles per hour and gusts up to 50 possible. After the garbage was picked up I had to dash out to retrieve the bins before they blew away.

I stayed up way too late last night (3 a.m.) puttering about the house. We had our thanksgiving meal last night, since Husband couldn’t taste anything last week due to a cold. I don’t mind bragging to you that I make a tantalizing lemon buttermilk pie. I mean, it’s tastebud ecstasy! I used Meyer lemons from our little tree. I’ll put the recipe on my other blog.

Well, I have some packages to wrap and holiday cards to prepare (after I find the surface of the cluttered desk). And I need to ponder what I shall create for my Artella Mystery Muse recipient. I shall leave you with this thought to consider.

What does spiritual clutter look like?
Too busy to pray
Too anxious to sleep
Too tired to worship
Too angry to let go
Too disappointed to hope
Too lonely to connect
Too sure to be surprised

My beloved sister-in-law lives in a wee, small house. To fit a Christmas tree into the house, she needs to put furniture into storage.

We have to make room to let wonder into the house.

We have to make room to let Spirit into our lives.

–Songbird, Set Free

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