Continuing Craftiness

I spent several hours at Commuknity today working on a project. I hung out with Nathania and Emy, gabbing about esoteric topics such as spiritual practice. I bought yet more yarn, too. Some solid worsted wool which is good for felting (I may make a few small items and felt them), and some other special yarn which is for a gift, and about which I shall say no more! (Wish me well that I might finish them before Christmas.)

Afterward I went home to work on my book thongs. I discovered, last night, that it is as difficult to tie knots around beads as it is to give a cat a bath. I was discouraged; I don’t know how to bead nor do I have the equipment. Searching on the ‘net didn’t result in much advice of help. I thought these might end up being one-ended book thongs until this afternoon, when I remembered my button collection. Buttons come in handy for so much more than clothing. So I finished assembling the beads and then the button ends. Yay! Definitely homemade, but made with love, and at least they’re different from most bookmarks of their ilk.

bookthongs vertical
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