They Needed to Do a Study For This?

You might think parents worry most about whether their children are taking drugs, having sex or joining gangs. But a new survey of Bay Area parents reveals their biggest concern is that the day-to-day stress of modern life may be making their children overweight, depressed and less interested in school.

Homework and peer pressure are constants. Divorce, the area’s high cost of living and family feuds permeate many homes. Too many extracurricular activities and academic school testing keeps many kids hopping. And all around, many kids are feeling the need to grow up — and fast.

–Julie Sevrens Lyons, Survey: Stress on kids biggest worry of Bay Area parents, San Jose Mercury News

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One Comment on “They Needed to Do a Study For This?”

  1. Marilyn Says:

    Hmmm…interesting. From where I stand (working at a junior high) it seems to me that one of the biggest stressors on these kids is the PARENTS…and their super-high expectations of their kids. Just my two cents.