A Bird’s Eye View… Or a Gecko’s

I’d like to be a Gecko, not permanently, but for ten minutes or so. Geckos are charming small lizardy creatures with suction pads for feet. They live vertically. Walls are their terra firma. For them trees grow sideways, hills are sky, pavements are walls.

–Alan Fletcher, The art of looking sideways

Yes, a gecko. Or a bird, who can be free of pavements and walls and quickly travel from earth to tree to sky.

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2 Comments on “A Bird’s Eye View… Or a Gecko’s”

  1. Fran Pullara Says:

    Great photo–evocative. I remember waking up in a little stilt house at Club Med on Bora Bora and watching the geckos walk the ceilings and walls.

  2. Plain Jane Says:

    Fantastic angle!