International Blog Day

In an effort to expand my playground and encounter the joy of discovery, I’m participating in International Blog Day. Writer Nir Ofir noticed that the date looked an awful lot like the word blog, at least the way he and millions of other non-Americans write it: 3108 —> Blog. Okay, maybe a bit of a stretch, but an original idea. So today, 8/31, is a day to share new blog gems.

  • One Word: a Perioperative nurse in Boston, MA, “wanted to write 52 essays, one a week for a year.” The essays reminisce about her childhood and contemplate topics such as chaos, suffering, words, joy, color, her search for meaning, and her experience of her body. She also includes photos. I sense we are similar in age, and I enjoy her voice.
  • Dakota: this blog has one aim — to present photos, links, and poetry. It does not distract itself with links to other blogs. It simply is. What I find most fascinating are the poems in which some words are links. It provides another dimension to the poem.
  • Book of Kells: Kelli Russell Agodon is a Washington state poet. Her blog features snippets about her life as a poet, links to poetry-related and literary news, and an extensive list of poetry bloggers. She also practices gratitude and occasionally posts a “gratitude list,” something I do in my private journal.
  • Surrender, Dorothy: the only description in her “About Me” section is a quote: “A poet should be as sensitive as an aching tooth.” –Anna Swir She posts her poems and writes about the writing life, as well as the human life as experienced by a writer. She also once feared spiders and now takes extra care to be kind to them, a transformation I understand.
  • Land Mammal: The subtitle is “Feeding the Beast.” Written by Anne Haines, I was drawn to the blog because she describes herself in a way I connect with: “Mid-forties… poet-librarygirl-nerd.” And she has two cats! The blog features her poetry.

My interests lean toward a certain writing genre these days. Even if you don’t read poetry, take a peek at these blogs. Not all the posts are poems or about poetry. These are women with strong voices and rich inner lives.


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2 Comments on “International Blog Day”

  1. Laurel Says:

    Kathryn, I wanted to stop by and say thank you for selecting my blog and for letting me know about international blog day. I have to post the blogs that captured my attention when I get home later; incidentally, it was your mention of ibd that provoked me to look far afield in searc of blogs to recommend, and I found some incredible blogs, really creative, and outside the circle of literary blogs I normally visit. So thanks for choosing me and thanks for sending me off on a great adventure. There are some beautiful, edgy, mind-blowing blogs out there. Mine feels so safe in comparison (smile).

    Happy blog day to you!


  2. Kathryn Says:

    Laurel, you’re quite welcome. 🙂 I’m delighted that my search brought me to your blog, and equally happy to have instigated your blog journey.