The memoir group I established met tonight for the first time. A total of four women, we make an intimate group. Before the meeting, we were completely unknown to each other (they’d replied to my invitation on Craigslist). Thus, founding such a circle is an adventure, at least with regard to personality. As it turned out, two of the women were acquainted from another group! The energy among us thrummed; we each told why we were there and a little about ourselves, and we talked about the way we’d like to group to operate. These are smart women, as well as genuine and warm. I’m motivated to write, now. Our next meeting is in two weeks.

And then there is my knitting goal. The reason I haven’t started learning is that I want to take a class. However, my schedule doesn’t work with what they’re offering until October. I could sit down with the book, and I will. But Commuknity is thriving. I am drawn there and eager with anticipation. I want to go to the knitting circle or the KnitLit discussion, but since I lack basic skills, I feel I can’t yet. Perhaps that’s silly.

I have plenty to keep me occupied, however. My potted plants have become listless; they need larger homes, and weeds have overrun the garden. There’s a canvas waiting to be collaged. I owe some effort and time to the writing forum in the form of critique. I joined last week and feel overwhelmed with the amount of activity there. With company, I haven’t had time to explore, so settling in there is foremost on my mind. Oh, and one last thing. I had coffee with TC, a friend from my job. To our mutual pleasure, we discovered that we both enjoy collaging, tarot meditation, and writing. So Monday we have a creative date; she’s coming over for tea, talk, and to page through magazines for images.

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  1. connie Says:

    Have you checked with your local Extension Office about knitting classes? Quite a number of years ago our extension office sponsored a class through the Craft Yarn Council where ladies who took the classes agreed to tutor others (either one or more) for a total of 50 hours. That’s how I learned to knit. The tutor actually accomodated me so very wonderfully in that I had small children at the time, and she came to my home so that I didn’t need to travel. She even taught me how to knit a tube, open it up, insert a pillow form, and knit it shut again so that it was undetectable as to how the pillow got inside – I loved that! hugs to you from PA