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According to the article linked below, on any given Sunday women outnumber men 61% to 49% at Christian services.

Murrow, a 1983 Baylor University graduate and author of “Why Men Hate Going to Church,” contends that the modern church is too chatty, too touchy-feely and full of hokey rituals that don’t affirm a guy’s manhood. In short, the faith founded by one man 2,000 years ago needs a testosterone shot.

Modern Churches Don’t Suit the Macho Man

However, the article also mentions a 1910 YMCA survey found that two-thirds of church attendants were female. So I’d say this problem is more deeply rooted; 1910 isn’t ancient history, but neither does it qualify as modern to my thinking.

As one who belonged to a charismatic, evangelical church for several years, I do concede one point to Murrow. He says, “Praise and worship services are 20-30 minutes of love songs to Jesus Christ in words no man would say to another.” Services are, and while some of the songs are lovely, they may not suit all personalities. However, Murrow also says church services have become “a time and place for mush, emotion and sentimentality.” This has not been the case in all denominations (Roman Catholic comes to mind, as do other churches with more formal, ritualized services). The atmosphere Murrow bemoans is a key trait of the evangelical charismatic style, which aims to heighten a person’s awareness of his unsaved condition by making him aware of his wretchedness and sinfulness, and by then appealing to fear (of damnation) and hope (of salvation) by calling him to “be born again.” It is a highly emotional style that has been a component of evangelicalism for many, many decades. Perhaps less focus on emotional manipulation and more education on what it means to follow Jesus is in order?

Interesting article.

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