Too Much Text

When I consolidated myself from two blogs to one, I attempted to structure this site so that the left side revealed more personal information and the right side focused more on broader resources. Increasingly, though, the page feels very text-heavy to me. I’m sure that a few might like the links, but I’ll bet the majority rarely get looked at. This was brought into sharper focus when I went to a few other blogs and saw the authors had redesigned them to provide greater simplicity to the eye.

So I’m curious… what parts of this main page do you like? What could you do without? What would you keep? I’m interested in readers’ suggestions, since the majority of the design is for you, after all.

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4 Comments on “Too Much Text”

  1. Dave Goodman Says:

    I had the same feeling about my own blog. I took some of the text, like the links to archives, and consolidated them into dropdown lists. I also broke up the page into chunks, so it doesn’t seem like a big, monolithic hunk o’ words. You can see the difference by switching between its Post-Its skin (the new default), and the old Pumpkin skin (the skin selector is in the right sidebar, just above the calendar).

    I also use color to break up the page, so it’s not just a big white page.

    I’m not that fond of dotted lines. I do like the quotes you put in boxes.

    The thing that still irks me about my blog is that it’s brittle, it doesn’t flow or adjust as you resize the browser, as most of my web pages do. It’s also static. I’m thinking of adding some scrolling text or some kind of animation to liven it up, probably in a skin so that those who don’t like animation can skip it.

    I try to put graphics in posts now and then to break up and liven the page. I like the photo of the lush path in your header. I’d make it wider, if you could.

    End of blather.

  2. Nick Says:

    The Wisdom and News and Culture sections ……..please don’t eliminate them:)

  3. Stormwind Says:

    It’s only my opinion, but I think the design of a personal blog ought to be more concerned with reflecting you in one, several or as many ways as you want to share. Colors, shape, design, layout- in a way that pleases you, will be one of those things. Even if people aren’t analyzing the layout, they are absorbing impressions about you based on the whole.

    It is really nice to want to please your readers, but you might please more people if you set it up to suit yourself.

    I do look at and sometimes surf the links folks choose for their sidebar or sidebars, when their content is such that I find their thoughts interesting- but it is never the main event… if the sidebars and links become the main event, likely it won’t be a blog I visit much.

  4. acm Says:

    I agree with Stormwind, in the end, but if you eliminated 75% of your stuff in the margins, I’d read a lot more of it. Right now it’s just noise to me…