If I ever get pregnant, I will try to get a bellycast done. What a creative way to commemorate a little one’s arrival!

The Inner Reflection site also offers prenatal and post-natal yoga classes, which I understand can be wonderful ways to prepare for birth and develop a relationship with one’s baby.

Also worth looking into: Harmony Birth Resources

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2 Comments on “Bellycasting”

  1. Lynn Says:

    DH and I did mine about a week before DD was born. Unfortunately we were winging it and it’s got a sizable crack in it. I’m contemplating trying to reinforce the crack and recasting from the inside. It might be worth trying.

  2. Firebrand Says:

    I’ve often thought that I will do the same when I finally get pregnant. I think it’s really quite a neat idea!

    As for yoga…my best friend did yoga for the entire pregnancy and she is the ONLY woman I know who was able to tie her own shoes at 9 months pregnant! lol! 🙂