According to recent research, older people do not tend toward increased crabbiness with age. If anything, their relationships tend to be more peaceful. The suggestion is that as we get wiser with experience, we spend less time trying to change people into our image and likeness. We spend more time taking people as they are and enjoying them in any way we can.

I think it’s a trend that could work at any age, and if anything, postponing this sage insight simply lacks merit. In part, it’s an expectation that no one person – even we! – cannot be all things to all people. It’s a good day when we can be one good thing to each person. In the world of culinary metaphors, why would we depend on any ingredient to offer all of the value of the others? Why wouldn’t we enjoy the simplicity of value scope offered by each ingredient?

There is a unique peace when we receive just what people have to offer, and nothing more, and nothing less.

–Jack Ricciuto, Jack/Zen

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