Walk To Thrive

I’ve written about the benefits of walking before, when I lived in Austin. It’s taken me some time to become comfortable and confident since arriving in California. Lately, though, I’ve returned to it with gusto; I walk daily, and it’s doing wonders for my health and outlook.

One reason is that I discovered a simple online journal that allows one to track routes, miles, and time. It requires registration, but it’s a short process. The site is MyWalks.com. Since I began doing this May 22, I’ve logged 41.86 miles, most of it since June 1.

Another site I’ve found helpful is About.com’s Walking page. They have a number of resources; they also have a daily email walking program, in case one needs inspiration.

I’m on my way to Austin tomorrow, where it is bloody hot right now; I will have to curtail the walking, keeping it to evening strolls. My body isn’t accustomed to such heat any longer!

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