How I Spent My Saturday Night

Occasionally I pick up a few extra hours at my job by working on Saturday night. The company has a weekly “kid’s night,” where parents pay to leave their children for four hours so the kids can play computer games, chess, table tennis, and draw, while also snacking on pizza and soda.

While the boys dominate the computer games (war games, Playstation 2, etc.), I’ve noticed that the girls tend to congregate around social endeavors. They play Connect Four, Dance Dance Revolution, table tennis, and imaginary games; they like to draw and color. This time I decided to bring a stack of magazines along. The girls responded with enthusiasm! Even a couple of boys made collages and drew with us. We usually sit at a large round table, sharing crayons, scissors, and glue, and we talk. They tell me about the books they read, what they like to eat, the kinds of pets they have. These girls are usually age 5-10, and they’re a lot of fun to talk with. Of course, while we talk, I play as well. Below are my creations from last night (pardon the photo quality):

modern cat

Modern Doodle Cat, crayon and paper
the abyss

Magazine collage (no intended theme here)
the reader

The Reader, pencil drawing

The last creation is my favorite. The little girls were amazed, and a couple asked me to give it to them. I made photocopies for a few of them, and of course it pleased me that they liked it so much. But drawing was an even greater pleasure!

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2 Comments on “How I Spent My Saturday Night”

  1. Natalie Says:

    I absolutely love this drawing, it is perfect. Keep it on your blog as a heading or something, don’t hide it. And do lots more in this vein, please.

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Thank you, Natalie. That’s high praise coming from you! I need to take another photo of it that is less gray — the lighting wasn’t good when I took the first one. Then we’ll see where I might fit it in the template. 🙂

    I’ll keep drawing, too. And to think I drew this with a pencil stub on a Saturday night in a room where 40 kids were running around! Interesting to see what creativity can give rise to. 🙂