A Huge Weight Lifted

While I was out this evening, playing with children (and earning money at the same time!), the veterinarian called. My husband talked with her, and here’s the news: Sophie’s tumor was benign. Hurrah! Considering its size, location, and the odds, this is luck, or grace. She still has a heart murmur, but since she behaves as usual I’m content to leave that alone. The doctor said we just need to bring her in annually for shots and the exam. My husband ruefully said, “Looks like the little rat will still be with us awhile.” (Sophie is not a cuddle-up cat; she’s playful but aloof, runs when pursued, squirms when she’s picked up, and generally likes only me (to a limit) and Stella (the other cat). So my guy tolerates her, and she him, but that’s the extent of the relationship between them.)

By the way, I am impressed with this veterinarian. Dr. Carole Jo Larsen is earthy, unpretentious, and not pushy. She doesn’t operate by guilting people into buying treatment; she respects the fact that people have different philosophies regarding the medial treatment of animal companions. She answers questions honestly and when she doesn’t know, she finds out. Although the center is closed on weekends, Dr. Larsen called on Saturday evening so I wouldn’t have to wait until Tuesday for the results. If you need a veterinarian in Santa Clara, CA (or Silicon Valley), I highly recommend her — she runs the Animal Health Center in Mervyn’s Plaza.

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3 Comments on “A Huge Weight Lifted”

  1. Shirl Says:

    Fantastic news, Kathryn!!!!

    And looks like you had a great time playing with the kids. I enjoyed seeing your artwork.

    I fell asleep early (7:00 p.m.) so now I’ve got myself all out of whack. Decided to go blog visiting and then take a little nap.

    Have a great holiday!

  2. katherine Says:

    oh that’s such a good news! so glad she’s going to be fine . . . 🙂 K

  3. la peregrina Says:

    I am so glad to read this, wonderful news. 🙂