The doctor who did my annual exam called this morning. She told me that what I’ve got is just a simple cyst, which is what I had thought. It’s a big one, but no worries. Nothing need be done unless it’s uncomfortable for me, and then it can be removed (since draining didn’t work last time).

I’m relieved.

And having slept long and well, my mood is better. I need to say that I enjoy living here for the climate, the gardening, and the scenery to the same degree that I find the density and people discomfiting. So it’s not all bad. Sometimes I just kvetch.

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2 Comments on “Relief”

  1. la peregrina Says:

    what I’ve got is just a simple cyst…

    Wonderful news. 🙂

  2. Kathryn Says:

    Indeed! And in time for the weekend. 🙂