I haven’t been writing much lately. Haven’t spent much time reading blogs or online news, either.

Rather, I’ve been cooking more, reading books, and getting crafty. Last weekend I made this:

It’s small, only 5″x5″, and it came as a kit with the mat, glass, and stand. I enjoyed it and have another slightly more complex one to start next.

While I stitched this, I watched three Nova episodes that explained string theory. Now that requires some creative thinking! It’s complex, even mind-boggling, yet incredibly fascinating.

On a lighter note, I re-read The Phantom Tollbooth, a children’s classic. I’d given each of my students a copy as a reward for good performance. Juster’s play with words throughout the allegory tickles me.

Happy Monday, all.

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3 Comments on “Creativity”

  1. kat Says:

    gorgeous work kathryn!!

  2. Pat Says:

    You are really quite amazing.

    As my own little sop to creativity, I spent about two hours today practicing three of Chopin’s waltzes. The one in A-Minor is the most challenging, and by far the longest (5 pages).

    While not perfect, I have them to the point that they begin to sound pretty good.

    Hey, keeps me off the streets!

  3. Kathryn Says:

    Thank you, dear Kat.

    And yes, Pat, I’ve enjoyed reading your missives about the music you practice. And also your letters and photos about Terrorist! Makes me smile when I go to my inbox. 🙂