I Am Driving Myself Crazy

A few weeks ago I gathered my W-2, business records from my now-defunct practice, and other tax-related documents into a folder. Usually I’ve filed long before but this year life carried me away. I distinctly remember putting these items into a green folder with pockets.

I made an appointment to see an accountant today — it’s for my husband as well as me. We gathered his paperwork tonight, and I looked for mine to add to the pile. Nowhere can I find it. I’ve looked in all the logical places, then the unlikely spots, and I cannot unearth it. I’m usually sharp about such things, but lately my brain must be flaking on me.

I’ve looked and gone away, thinking an idea might come to me, then returned to look again. It is nowhere, or rather, it’s somewhere about which I am clueless.

Oy, I wonder how I’ll figure this out?

Update, 10:03 a.m.: I found it! It was in a drawer where I’d put the California tax form packets. Relief. I knew it was here somewhere.

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One Comment on “I Am Driving Myself Crazy”

  1. Pat Says:

    It is too bad you are gathering the material as late as you are. A month earlier and you could have requested duplicates of the key forms.

    You will probably need to ask for an extension and submit an estimated payment. (This is done all the time.)

    Better yet, perhaps you will find the materials!

    Given all the change that has occurred in your life, I am not surprised that things have gotten misplaced.

    Good luck on this ! !